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Who is entitled to purchase electricity at free prices?

According to the Law of Ukraine “On Electricity Market”, all consumers are entitled to choose a supplier and purchase electricity at free floating prices. Accordingly, consumers are entitled to freely choose and change the Electricity Supplier in accordance with the procedure defined by the Rules of Electricity Retail Market.

It is also worth noting that a prerequisite for the supply of electricity is a contract concluded with the Distribution System Operator for the provision of electricity distribution services.

How to start purchasing electricity at favourable prices (rates)?

  1. Contact us and learn about individual rates for your enterprise.
  2. Enter into a contract with Martin. A supply contract is a prerequisite for electricity consumption.
  3. Use energy and save up to 30% on electricity costs.

What are the electricity prices (rates) for enterprises?

Martin supplies electricity at economically justified and transparent prices formed in accordance with the procedure approved by the Regulator. The price includes: the purchase price of electricity on the electricity market; price (rate) for services of the universal service provider; prices (rates) of the Distribution System Operator in accordance with the concluded contracts on the provision of relevant services.

To find out the rate for your enterprise, contact us and our specialists will calculate individual rates in accordance with your needs.


  • Transparent electricity billing
  • Deferred payments
  • Taking into account specification of client energy consumption
  • Focus on rise of client energy efficiency

  • Professional advice on energy issues
  • Trust in us from largest energy consumers of Ukraine
  • Electricity supplies under license from EUNRC of Ukraine in accordance with law

Frequently Asked Questions

Penalties for changing electricity supplier

We often hear from new customers about possible penalties or even about situations where penalties for switching to another supplier are included in existing contracts. So here it is necessary to clearly understand that the consumer has the right, provided by Law, to freely choose and change the supplier and any fines are a violation of such a law.
In cases where our customers are charged illegal penalties for past periods, we provide complete legal support for them absolutely free of charge. Thanks to this, those penalties are canceled in 100% of cases.

Calculation of electricity prices for enterprises

To form the price, it is necessary to have certain data on electricity consumption: which group the consumer belongs to (A or B), whether an automated electricity metering system (AEMS) is installed, which distribution company is the consumer connected to, as well as data on approximate monthly consumption volumes. Already on the basis of this data we provide a commercial offer which is calculated based on the prices indicated on the website of the market operator.
To find out the tariff for your enterprise right now, write to us on Viber or Telegram and our specialists will provide tariff calculations according to your needs.

What to pay attention to when choosing a supplier

When considering commercial offers, first of all you need to pay attention to the reliability of the supplier. It is the uninterrupted supply of electric energy that is the main issue for our customers. In addition, the actual price may be higher than the one indicated in the commercial offer. Thus, by manipulating data, unscrupulous suppliers inflate prices in actual calculations. In this way, they mislead their customers.
To ensure complete transparency, our company provides detailed information and analytics for each bill on how the price is formed.
When forming a commercial offer, we conduct an audit of the prices that the client had over the past periods. This allows determining whether there was any manipulation on the part of the previous supplier. In the future, we provide an absolutely transparent calculation of the price that the consumer has for the same period according to our commercial offer. This allows our customers to clearly identify the financial benefits of choosing our company as your electricity supplier.

Procedure for changing the electricity supplier

Changing a supplier is a very simple documentary procedure. It is necessary to sign a new contract for the supply of electric energy and the consumer must notify the previous supplier of the change by sending a letter thereto. The document flow is electronic, so everything happens in a matter of minutes. There is no need to change counters or wires.
For all questions and documents related to the change of supplier, our specialists provide free information and legal support.

Is it worth changing the supplier

The most important thing that the customer loses by refusing to change and choose a new supplier is the money that one could save by cooperating with another supplier on more favorable terms. Moreover, it is an opportunity to get the best customer service: round-the-clock information service, electronic document management where everything happens in a few minutes, free legal support, etc. These service options help businesses save time and operating costs.

New electricity market: benefits for businesses

Since 2019, a new electricity market has started its operation. Now there is no monopoly and every consumer is free to choose and change the electricity supplier at one’s own discretion.

Electric energy

Electricity supply to companies is one of Martin's key areas of business. In the wholesale electricity market, we operate as an independent provider under the license of the National Energy and Utilities Commission. This allows us to provide our clients with electricity without interruption and at optimal conditions for them. Our industrial energy services increase the energy efficiency of the companies that become Martin client. Make sure of this by sending us a request by phone or email.

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