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Who is entitled to purchase electricity at free prices?

According to the Law of Ukraine “On Electricity Market”, all consumers are entitled to choose a supplier and purchase electricity at free floating prices. Accordingly, consumers are entitled to freely choose and change the Electricity Supplier in accordance with the procedure defined by the Rules of Electricity Retail Market.

It is also worth noting that a prerequisite for the supply of electricity is a contract concluded with the Distribution System Operator for the provision of electricity distribution services.

How to start purchasing electricity at favourable prices (rates)?

  1. Contact us and learn about individual rates for your enterprise.
  2. Enter into a contract with Martin. A supply contract is a prerequisite for electricity consumption.
  3. Use energy and save up to 30% on electricity costs.

What are the electricity prices (rates) for enterprises?

Martin supplies electricity at economically justified and transparent prices formed in accordance with the procedure approved by the Regulator. The price includes: the purchase price of electricity on the electricity market; price (rate) for services of the universal service provider; prices (rates) of the Distribution System Operator in accordance with the concluded contracts on the provision of relevant services.

To find out the rate for your enterprise, contact us and our specialists will calculate individual rates in accordance with your needs.


  • Transparent electricity billing
  • Deferred payments
  • Taking into account specification of client energy consumption
  • Focus on rise of client energy efficiency

  • Professional advice on energy issues
  • Trust in us from largest energy consumers of Ukraine
  • Electricity supplies under license from EUNRC of Ukraine in accordance with law

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric energy

Electricity supply to companies is one of Martin's key areas of business. In the wholesale electricity market, we operate as an independent provider under the license of the National Energy and Utilities Commission. This allows us to provide our clients with electricity without interruption and at optimal conditions for them. Our industrial energy services increase the energy efficiency of the companies that become Martin client. Make sure of this by sending us a request by phone or email.

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