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What a partnership with Martin what really is? Martin's service culture is based on assistance customers achieve their business goals. Therefore, we always start the service by analyzing the energy needs of our client. This allows us to offer the optimal volume and mode of supply of petroleum products, natural gas or electric power for the client. The cooperation between the Martin team and its client - from the first contact to the delivery of products - is a comfortable process with a guarantee of complete compliance with the contract.

Step #1 Contact us or order products necessary for your company on this site. We will respond promptly.

Step #2 In a dialogue with your stuff, Martin experts will analyze the energy needs of your business. You will receive an individual offer, which will correspond with the features of energy consumption and the logistics resources of your company.

Step #3 Matching of the payments for the supplied products and signing a contract. It fixes all Martin's obligations to your company.

Step #4 Martin fulfills its contractual obligations, reporting to you on the progress of product delivery. In the case of petroleum products, we provide professional assistance in their admission to your tanks. The delivery of products ends with the signing of invoices and acts of completion.

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